Edible Tallow

Edible Tallow (pork, beef, bone)

Edible pork tallow (sometimes called lard) is obtained by inner or spinal crude fat rendering. It is tight or ointmentlike white product with specific odor and taste at room temperature. Edible pork tallow freezing point is at 22-32°C and melting point is 28-48°C. It contains up to 10% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Edible pork tallow is the best product in the Edible animal fats group by its structure and physicochemical parameters. It is completely absorbed by body relatively easy and therefore it is widely used in cooking and for making canned meat.

  • Lard is made from the highest grade of selected crude fat, removed from inside carcass part. By smell, color, taste and texture it looks like a sort of extra fat.
  • The 1 st grade lard is dripped out of internal fat.
  • For 2nd grade lard all types of fresh crude fat are used.

Lard of the 1st and 2nd grades is white with slight yellowish tinge; texture is dense or ointmentlike with smell of fried dross. 1st grade tallow is transparent and 2nd grade tallow can be hazy.

Edible Beef Tallow is made by melting out of cattle fat. At room temperature, it is solid crystalline product with color from a pale yellow to yellow, with specific odor and taste. It has rather high pour point (up to 38uhflecjd) and therefore it leaves an unpleasant feeling of silage in mouth. It is used in cooking for hot dishes preparation.

  • Extra Beef Tallow is made from selected fresh inner crude fat. Tallow is light yellow or yellow. Tallow consistency is solid at room temperature; in the molten form it is transparent. The taste of premium beef tallow should be clean, impurity and odor free.
  • Beef Tallow of 1st grade is rendered from internal crude fat. In color and consistency it is not very different from the Extra tallow, but this product has easy roasted flavor.
  • 2nd grade Beef Tallow is made from good-quality raw bacon. Slightly grayish or pale green color and smell of fried dross is allowed for product in this class standard. In the molten state it can be transparent but not enough.

Bone rendered fat is made by extraction of fresh but crushed bones of domestic animals. This edible fat has liquid, ointmentlike or dense texture depending on animal species or type of processed bone. Bone fat has color from white to yellow, flavor and odor is specific, without foreign tastes. Sometimes it has good, 'Crunchy' flavor. Bone fat is used in cooking as well as beef and pork.

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